HMC Foursomes 2021

The HMC National Finals will take place at Huntercombe GC on Thursday 1st and Friday 2nd July 2021. Schools have been consulted about the best way to hold this event and a decision will be made by the beginning of the Summer Term. 

Entry Forms for the 21/22 season will be sent out soon. We should be able to revert to the usual knock-out format in eight Regions. Any school which would like to join but has not received an entry form should email me at

Let's hope that golf as normal will eventually be resumed.

Barry Wild

HMCFG Organiser

HMC Singles 6 October 2020

After months of lockdown, Covid-19 restrictions and closed schools, it was such a delight to see a (socially-distanced) gathering of 51 young good golfers competing in the HMC Singles on the Blue Course of the Berkshire GC.

36 boys (average handicap 3.2) and a record 15 girls (average handicap 4.3) took part on a bright and breezy autumn afternoon. They followed all the necessary pandemic safety precautions such as not touching the flagstick, not raking bunkers, not exchanging scorecards etc but it was clear that many had worked hard on their games since golf was reintroduced in May.

The boys' event was won by Rocky Chapman from Reed's School with a fine 69. His score was made by three consecutive birdie 3's from the seventh to the ninth holes in amongst some very steady golf. Joint runners -up were Charlie Roper (Gordon's School) and last year's winner Riccardo Fantinelli (Reed's), both scoring 70. George Jackson from Framlingham was fourth with 71- although this is a gross competition, George's net score of 66 was the lowest of the day.

Lydia Cryer from Rossall School won the Girls' event with a fine 73. Evie Kircher (Gordons) took the runner-up spot with 75 and Chanel Fontaine-Geary (Stowe) came in third place. 

The team events were decided by taking the best two scores from each school. Only Rossall and Gordon's had two girl players, with Gordon's just winning the team plate by one stroke. The boys' team prize clearly went to Reed's but the Ashbrook brothers from Ellesmere College took the runner-up plate with a total of 150 (74 + 76).

Many schools are not allowing external fixtures so it was excellent to have 21 schools enter the competition. Many players were brought by parents, who clearly enjoyed seeing their daughters and sons play in such a lovely setting. I'm very grateful to the golf coaches from all the schools who made such an effort to make arrangements to travel, keep their players safe and to help with ball-spotting and encouragement. Thank you to Keven Johnstone from Uppingham who did all the starting and to all the players who took part in such good spirit.

Barry Wild
HMCFG Organiser


Boys Individual

1 Rocky Chapman Reed's 69
2= Riccardo Fantinelli Reed's 70
2= Charlie Roper Gordon's 70
4 George Jackson Framlingham 71
5= Freddie Dortmans Wellington 73
5= Connor Owen Rossall 73
5= James Rew King's Taunton 73
5= Alex Marshall KES Bath 73
9= Max Faulkner Stowe 74
9= Jonjo Ashbrook Ellesmere 74
11= Thomas Hawke Reed's 75
11= James Brash Reed's 75
13= Leo Bonser Felsted 76
13= Charlie Ashbrook Ellesmere 76
15= Sam Strauss Wellington 78
15= Rob Muir Reed's 78
15= Tom Pace Rossall 78
18 Will Chesterman King's Taunton 80
19= Patrik Wall Bradfield 81
19= Thomas Creighton Bradfield 81
19= Freddie Taylor Cross Oratory 81
22 Oscar Lent Epsom 82
23= Yago Rio Aja Worth 83
23= Callum Pearce Framlingham 83
25= Alex Mair Repton 84
25= Jordan Thompson Winchester 84
27 Adam Reid Canford 86
28= Theo Anderson Gannon Sherborne 87
28= Sid Beadle Gordons 87
30 Liam Colohan Epsom 90
31 Tom Rotheroe Sherborne 91
32 Thomas Jackson Uppingham 94
33 Friedrich Orlopp Worth 97
34= Henry Woolhouse Wellington NR
34= Kiko Dar Bradfield NR
Matthew Hawke Reed's ret'd

Girls' Individual

1 Lydia Cryer Rossall 73
2 Evie Kircher Gordon's 75
3 Chanel Fontaine-Geary Stowe 77
4 Ella Hammond Baveystock Wellington 78
5 Lili Rose-Hunt Bromsgrove 79
6 Charlotte Brook Canford 80
7 Alex Phelps Gordon's 82
8= Lulu Leetham Uppingham 85
8= Lucy Moss Rossall 85
8= Alex Jakins Gordon's 85
11 Sarah Mardani Gordon's 86
12 Grace Ward Repton 88
13 Claudia Hastings Ellesmere 89
14= Sophie Mardani Gordon's 90
14= Poppy Beales Framlingham 90

Boys' Team
1 Reeds 139
2 Ellesmere 150
3= Rossall 151
3= Wellington 151
5 King's Taunton 153
6 Framlingham 154
7 Gordon's 157
8 Bradfield 162
9 Epsom 172
10 Sherborne 178
11 Worth 180

Girls' Team
1 Gordon's 157
2 Rossall 158

Photos of the event can be viewed below. Click on a photo and use the zoom on your device. Click on the arrow to see a slideshow.

the first teeholed it!there's a lot of heather at The Berkshire!the 12th hole11th greena lot of rain the previous few days!sun-drenched 14th greenputting with flag inthe trophies, salvers and prizes

HMC Singles Tue 6 October

We have a very strong entry of 52 players ( 36 boys and 16 girls) for Tuesday's HMC Singles on the Blue Course of The Berkshire GC. The boys' average handicap is 3.1 and the girls' is 4.2. Players from 21 different schools are represented - the course is in wonderful condition and we are delighted that such a popular and enjoyable event is again taking place in these unusual days.


As schools are now closed and golf courses also closed, the National Finals due to be played at Huntercombe in early July have inevitably been cancelled.

Schools may well return in September and golf provides a good opportunity for self-distancing sport. Golf courses should be open and schools may find an increased demand for golf as a sport.

Entries for the 2020/21 season have been made and we have 71 schools signed up for the knock-out stages. They will be arranged into 8 new regions instead of the normal 6. This will allow for some longer deadlines, shorter journeys and the chance to play against different schools for some.
Huntercombe has kindly offered the same dates for next year so the National Finals are set for Thur 1st July and Friday 2nd July 2021.

The HMC Singles competition is still planned for Tuesday 6th October 2020 at The Berkshire.

Let's hope that we and our students can soon get back to the golf course soon but we may have to be prepared to play the game in a somewhat altered way until the virus is conquered.

HMC 2019 Singles Tournament

A field of 56 players (48 boys and 8 girls) from 21 schools contested the fifth HMC Singles Tournament on the Red Course of The Berkshire Golf Club on Tuesday 8th October.

In 2018, the courses had suffered from the Summer drought but a huge effort by the club to repair the damaged fairways has brought them back to their pristine best. Apart from a short rain burst, the players enjoyed the pleasant Autumn conditions.

The average handicap of those playing was 3.2 which highlights how many good golfers are to be found in HMC Schools. In many schools, golf is becoming more mainstream and popular although there is still much to do to encourage more girls to play.

In the girls’ event, Harriet Lockley’s 75 was enough to win the Girls’ Championship Cup – Harriet’s Millfield compatriot, Ellie Laace, was runner-up on 78. Their performances were enough to secure Millfield the Girls’ Team Prize.

There was a three-way tie on 71 for the boys’ competition. The usual countback rules gave Riccardo Fantanelli (Whitgift) the HMC Singles Trophy with Josh Hamnett (Rossall) the Runner-Up Salver. Yago Rio Aja from Worth was the third player who scored the one-under par score of 71. There were no fewer than four players scoring level par 72’s and many others with scores in the low to mid-70’s. Rossall won the Boys’ Team Salver with Whitgift second and Bedford third.

Fitting 56 players into an Autumn afternoon was a tight squeeze but all got round in the daylight thanks to the Club giving us a two-tee start, the players adopting a good pace of play and the ever-vigilant coaches acting as starters, ball-spotters, organisers and supporters.

This competition continues to grow in popularity and next year we will try to increase capacity by playing in 3-balls on the Berkshire Blue Course with a two-tee start.


Girls’ individual
75 Harriet Lockley (Millfield)
78 Ellie Laace ( Millfield)
79 Liv Sinnes (Charterhouse)
81 Alex Jakins (Gordon’s)
81 Ella Hammond-Baveystock (Wellington)

Girls’ team
153 Millfield
163 Gordon’s

Boys’ individual
71 Riccardo Fantanelli (Whitgift)
71 Josh Hamnett (Rossall)
71 Yago Rio Aja (Worth)
72 Max Hayward (Warwick)
72 Dominic Barron-Holden (Rossall)
72 Josh Fallows (Rossall)
72 Pannawit Leelalumbert (Bedford)
73 Justin Chan (Wellington)
73 Oscar Fowler (Bradfield)
74 Oliver Dickman (Winchester)
75 James Earl (Tonbridge)
75 Austin Gambel (Reed’s)
75 Tom Youds (Stowe)
75 Rocky Chapman (Whitgift)

Boys’ team
144 Rossall
146 Whitgift
148 Bedford
152 Reed’s
153 Tonbridge
154 Millfield
154 Wellington

Barry Wild
HMCFG Organiser

Photos of the event can be viewed below. Click on a photo and use the zoom on your device. Click on the arrow to see a slideshow.